What are Hydro-Dhara and Flowerfall?

Introducing Hydro-Dhara: A Journey to Serenity and Beauty

The Essence of Hydro-Dhara

Last year, Traci Woodard proudly introduced our Japanese Head Spa featuring Hydro-Dhara, an Ayurvedic ritual that embodies the ‘constant flow of water’. This deeply relaxing treatment is not just about enhancing your hair’s natural beauty but also about energizing and soothing your soul.

A Unique Spa Experience

The Hydro-Dhara experience begins in our plush reclining chairs, designed for ultimate comfort. As you settle in, warm, lightly scented towels are placed over your eyes, neck, and shoulders, setting the stage for the serene ritual ahead. The gentle waterfall of herbal, pH-balanced waters cascades over your scalp, hair, forehead, and temples, whisking you away into a state of profound relaxation.

The Power of Flowerfall, an Aromatic Bliss for Your Hair

What is Flowerfall?

Flowerfall, an integral part of the Hydro-Dhara experience, is a luxurious blend of biodynamic lavender, rose, and rosemary. This special concoction provides significant aromatherapy benefits and can be customized with additional blends to cater to specific hair needs, such as strengthening or soothing sensitive scalps.

Customizing Your Flowerfall Experience

We understand that each individual has unique hair and scalp needs. During your Hydro-Dhara session, we thoughtfully discuss your scalp and lifestyle to tailor the Flowerfall experience. Whether you need a blend that combats hair fall or one that calms a red, sensitive scalp, our bespoke floral and herbal blends are crafted to provide a premium, personalized experience.

The Holistic Benefits of Hydro-Dhara and Flowerfall

Stress Relief and Emotional Balance

The Hydro-Dhara treatment goes beyond physical beauty, offering profound benefits for mental well-being. The delicate flow of water stimulates the pituitary gland, releasing tension and stress. This process facilitates a deep relaxation that neutralizes emotional tensions, helping to restore balance, harmony, and vitality.

Embracing Wellness with Every Session

Each Hydro-Dhara and Flowerfall session is an opportunity to embrace wellness. The combination of soothing water flow, aromatic blends, and the gentle touch of our skilled therapists creates an atmosphere of deep relaxation, imparting health benefits to both your hair and your emotional well-being.

Step into Traci Woodard for a Hydro-Dhara and Flowerfall experience and leave with rejuvenated hair & scalp, a calm mind, and a refreshed spirit.

Book your session today and embark on a holistic journey of relaxation and beauty.

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