Japanese Head Spa Near Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport MSY

My Unexpected Layover Luxury

Recently, faced with a tedious four-hour wait at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, I decided to do something different. 

A quick search for “scalp treatment near me” led me to Traci Woodard Salon, just 20 miles from MSY airport. 

On a whim, I booked their Japanese Head Spa service and hopped in an Uber. Unsure what to expect, I was excited for a change of pace.

When I entered the salon, I was enveloped in a calming atmosphere that felt worlds away from the airport hustle. The staff welcomed me warmly and asked me to choose an aromatherapy scent and my favorite herbal tea flavor, which immediately made me feel comfortable.

First Impressions and Scalp Diagnosis

My session started with a surprising yet impressive step: a scalp analysis using tricoscope technology.

My scalp was crying for help. My head felt dry and itchy, likely due to my frequent travels. With a gentle demeanor, my hair and scalp specialist explained how they would customize my treatment to specifically address my scalp issues. 

The whole process felt incredibly tailored to my needs, as if they knew exactly what my hair and scalp needed to be healthy and happy.

The Zen of Hair Scalp Treatment

What followed was bliss. A gentle scalp cleansing with scalp exfoliation cleared away any buildup, making way for a luxurious scalp massage that seemed to erase the stress of my travels. 

When they started the ultrasonic mist treatment, it was like a cool balm soothing every inch of my scalp, refreshing me down to the roots of my hair.

The addition of a neck and shoulder massage only deepened the relaxation. 

The products used were from Davines (which I love).

Naturaltech Customized Treatments by Davines

This treatment blends specific Bases and Boosters to address individual hair and scalp needs.

My scalp specialist selected the Moisture Base to revitalize my dry, brittle hair with nourishing plant oils that restore elasticity and shine. The Hydrating Booster, enriched with prickly pear extract, was chosen for its intense scalp hydrating properties and soothing benefits.

Leaving on a High Note

After my moisturizing scalp treatment, I received a fabulous blowout, which left my hair looking the best it had in ages. 

I couldn’t believe my reflection in the mirror β€” a polished, rested, lively version of myself smiling back. 

As I left, my scalp spa specialist provided expert recommendations for maintaining scalp health post-treatment. She suggested a shampoo, conditioner, and a weekly hair mask to sustain hydration and ensure lasting benefits from the treatment.

This is the best scalp treatment for dry scalp I have ever experienced.

Turning My Day Around at the Head Spa

Returning to the airport, I felt rejuvenated, and my spirits lifted as much as my hair. 

It was more than just a beauty treatment; it was a moment of genuine self-care that transformed my layover into an unexpected retreat.

The benefits of my Japanese scalp detox have continued. The extreme dryness and discomfort are gone. I regularly search for a headicure or scalp facial near me. The treatment is not very common but so rewarding. It has changed my hair to the roots.

If you ever find yourself stuck at the New Orleans airport, consider escaping to Traci Woodard Salon and their amazing Japanese Scalp Spa. 

It’s not just about looking goodβ€”it’s an oasis offering peace and personal care when you need it most. Trust me, it’s worth the detour!

Who knew a layover could feel like a mini-vacation? 

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