Naturaltech Tailored Treatments by Davines

Welcome to the next level of personalized hair care, where every treatment is crafted to meet your hair’s unique needs. 

At Traci Woodard Salon, we’re excited to introduce an innovative service to transform your hair care experience. The Davines Naturaltech Tailored treatments. 

This groundbreaking approach promises a treatment and a transformation meticulously adapted to your hair’s character and requirements.

Naturaltech Tailoring Offers Customization at Its Core

At the heart of our new salon-exclusive service lies the concept of Naturaltech Tailoring. Each treatment is a symphony of carefully selected elements customized specifically for you. 

The system revolves around two key components: Bases and Boosters

These elements work in concert to address your primary and secondary hair and scalp concerns, creating a customized blend of high-performance care. Imagine a hair care ritual so attuned to your needs that it feels like it was designed for you alone—because it was.

The Foundations: Naturaltech Bases

Delving into the foundations of this tailored experience, we present four potent Bases, each formulated to target a specific hair concern:

  • Volume Base: Elevates fine or thinning hair with natural cellulose fibers, infusing life and body into every strand.
  • Moisture Base: Breathes new life into dry and brittle hair, using the nourishing touch of plant oils to restore elasticity and shine.
  • Radiance Base: Amplifies the vibrancy of color-treated hair, utilizing the light-reflecting properties of certified palm oil to enhance radiance and softness.
  • Strength Base: Reinforces fragile, stressed hair with a novel sugar-derived molecule that penetrates the keratin structure to create new bonds and resilience.

Each base serves as a starting point for the journey to healthier hair, promising immediate enhancement and lasting benefits. Stay tuned to uncover the wonders of the Boosters and how they amplify the effects of the Bases in our next sections.

Elevating Hair Care With Naturaltech Boosters

Taking the personalized care to an even higher level, the Naturaltech Tailoring system incorporates six distinctive Boosters, each with their own plant-derived power:

  • Volumizing Booster: Harnessing the swelling properties of Mallow extract, it imbues the hair with a voluptuous, full-bodied appearance.
  • Hydrating Booster: Infused with the moisture-binding prowess of Prickly Pear extract, this booster imparts intense hydration, rendering the hair supple and resilient.
  • Illuminating Booster: Drawing from the tartaric acid in Red Grapes, aiding cuticle smoothing for a radiant, reflective shine.
  • Fortifying Booster: Amaranth extract provides a protein-rich reinforcement, bolstering the hair’s internal structure for enhanced resilience.
  • Controlling Booster: Elderflower extract coats the hair with smoothing sugars, enhancing manageability and luster.
  • Blonde Brightening Booster: Myrtle extract, rich in flavonoids, offers antioxidant protection, while Jagua fruit extract fine-tunes light reflection for the ultimate blonde brilliance.

Each booster is an elixir of regenerative ingredients, ensuring instant results that require no processing time—a testament to the efficacy and innovation at the core of Naturaltech Tailoring.

Davines’ Pioneering Approach

The lineage of Naturaltech Tailoring can be traced back to the verdant expanses of Davines’ Scientific Garden in Parma, Italy. 

This open-air laboratory is where the symphony of nature and science gives rise to our pioneering hair care products. 

Davines’ unwavering commitment to sustainable beauty is matched only by its dedication to technological innovation. It ensures that each product delivers superior results and honors the environment from which it was born.

The Power of Precision With Davines Hair Diagnostic Tool

When you sit down with our in-salon expert, we begin with meticulous analysis; Davines’ hair diagnostic tool evaluates primary and secondary hair concerns. It’s a conversation starter, a scientific method, and a gateway to customization all in one. 

Our stylists craft a personalized Naturaltech tailoring recipe based on this in-depth assessment. They blend a naturally derived base with a potent botanical extract booster, creating a fluid, bespoke treatment formula mixed on the spot just for you.

The result? A tailor-made concoction that offers targeted care, responding to your hair’s individual needs with precision and care. 

This customized approach ensures that your hair receives exactly what it needs, offering 24 unique combinations to boost your hair’s health. 

With Davines’ Hair Diagnostic Tool, immediate and noticeable results are not just a promise—they’re a guarantee. 

Experience the transformative effects of this personalized treatment and walk out of the salon looking and feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Targeting Specific Concerns

The Naturaltech family casts a wide net, addressing various common scalp and hair conditions. 

Whether you struggle with an excessively oily scalp or the complexities of hormonal hair loss, Naturaltech has a solution designed to restore balance and promote the hair and scalp’s natural, healthy state.

The Science and Sustainability Behind Naturaltech

Naturaltech embodies three essential elements: Nature, Man, and Technology. 

This triad represents a profound respect for the planet, harnessed through the latest scientific advancements to deliver hair care products that are both effective and ethical.

At the heart of Naturaltech’s innovation is regenerative organic agriculture, a practice that sustains and enriches the soil where the ingredients are cultivated, ensuring that each product is as pure as it is potent.

The Salon Experience: Naturaltech Massage Ritual

The massage ritual is at the heart of the Naturaltech experience at Traci Woodard Salon—an integral part of the treatment that transcends the typical salon visit. 

This ritual stimulates microcirculation to enhance the absorption and efficacy of the Naturaltech products and offers a therapeutic touch that encourages relaxation and well-being.

Tailoring Your Salon Visit

We invite you to indulge in a hair care experience that is as unique as you are. 

With our exclusive diagnostic tool, our stylists deliver a bespoke Naturaltech Tailoring treatment, mixing the precise Bases and Boosters to rejuvenate your hair and scalp according to your needs.

The Sustainable Beauty Philosophy of Davines

Davines is about aesthetics and ethics, a philosophy woven into every product. With a commitment to sustainability, the packaging reflects an environmental consciousness, featuring recyclable materials and an emphasis on reducing the carbon footprint without compromising the luxurious experience.

Naturaltech Tailoring at Traci Woodard Salon represents the pinnacle of personalized hair care. 

It’s where innovation meets individuality, providing you with treatments that are as unique as you are while adhering to a philosophy of sustainable beauty.

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your hair with a personalized regimen targeting your needs. 

Book your Naturaltech Tailoring treatment at Traci Woodard Salon today and embrace the journey to a sustainable, beautiful you.

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